Elections - Filing a Measure

Requirements for Filing a County or District Measure
For city measures, contact your city manager.
Before filing a county or district measure with the Crook County Clerk’s Office, the filing officer must insure the following conditions have been met:
The ballot title must be a concise and impartial statement of the purpose of the measure.
Ballot Title Review Process: The Clerk’s office publishes ballot titles in the Central Oregonian. Anyone who feels the ballot title does not comply with the filing requirements has seven business days from the filing date in which to contest the wording of the ballot title.
Finding the proper wording for your tax measure is important. A useful handbook to use when writing tax measure is the Tax Election Ballot Measures: A Guide to Writing Ballot Measures for Property Taxing Authority, published by the Oregon Department of Revenue. Please refer to it before submitting your measure.

FILING DEADLINES:  Please contact the County Clerk's office for filing deadlines

Cities must also show proof that they have complied with all laws relating to required publications and challenged processes at the time of filing.

Filing Forms and Manual
Filing Forms must be typed or typed information attached to form.
Filing Forms and Manuals are located on the Secretary of State's website: 

After completing the necessary form(s), please submit it to the elections office either in person or by mail.  Make sure to include the filing fee, if required. An original signature is required.
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