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Notice is hereby given that the Crook County Planning Commission will hold a Public Meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. The Meeting will be conducted in the Crook County Meeting Room located at 320 NE Court Street, Prineville, Oregon, to consider the following:


October 17, 2018

Final Decision for Record Number 217-18-000096-PLNG, a request to operate a residential care facility at 3391 NW Knob Hill Way, Prineville, Oregon (Owner – Deborah Roe).  Residential facilities are permitted as conditional uses under Crook County Code 18.48.020(14) and are reviewed under CCC18.160 (conditional uses).  The property is identified as T 14S, R 16 E WM, Section 30A, Tax lot 3509

1) RMG Destination, LLC (applicant/owner) – Record number 217-18-000334-PLNG
- is requesting modification of the development plan approval authorizing development of the subject property as a destination resort (CU-DES-003-06) approved by the Crook County Planning Commission in 2007. The specific request is to modify condition #5 relating to the types of recreational facilities planned for the property, condition #6 to update the list of possible commercial uses on the property and conditions #31-33 to update the required transportation improvements based on new transportation data and transportation policy changes.  The proposed modification will be reviewed subject to the requirements of Crook County Code 18.116 (Destination Resort Overlay), 18.160 (Conditional Use) and 18.180 (Transportation Impact Analysis). The subject property is identified as T 16S, R 14E WM, Tax lots 2200, 3900, and 4100 and T16S, R 15E WM, Tax lots 2100, 3100 and 3200. 

2) Clint Woodward (owner/applicant) – Record number 217-18-000341-PLNG -
is requesting modification of the conditional use approval authorizing mining and extraction of aggregate material  on the subject property (C-CU-776-95) approved by the Crook County Planning Commission on February 22, 1995.  The specific request is to modify the existing conditional use permit to explicitly allow placement of a mobile asphalt plant on the site and to allow processing of clean fill material from off-site on the subject property. Aggregate sites are subject to the requirements of Crook County Code 18.144 and transportation impacts are subject to review under Crook County Code 18.180.  The property has been approved as a significant aggregate site in the County’s comprehensive plan (C-P(M)-23-95) and is identified as 15-17 Tax lot 812, located on the north side of the Post-Paulina Highway. 

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The public hearing agendas are available in the Crook County Community Development Department, 300 NE Third Street, Room 12, Prineville, Oregon. You may also request a copy of the agenda via e-mail at If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Crook County Planning Division at (541) 447-3211.
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