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Crook County - GIS Data

Spatial Data

We provide spatial data at no cost to the public as web services.  Most are in the standard WMS format, while we make some of the key datasets available as WFS .... details

We provide geo-database or shapefile formats as well through our Geodata Portal

Non-spatial Data

We provide a variety of County datasets at no cost to the public via a FTP site.  We also can provide additional or custom data for a fee.  We do not distribute data that was not created or maintained by this department e.g. Water rights, soils data etc ...

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Folder = A&TCurrentData - This is the current data provided by the Assessor's Department (updated each night)

Folder = CertifiedTaxRoll - This data is refreshed when the tax roll is certified and includes DBF tables.  This happens in October of each year.

Folder = Surveys - pdf scanned images of all the surveys and plats (updated each week)

Folder = Tables - tabular data that can be joined to the spatial data (updated each night)


We print maps (large format up to 42" wide), create custom maps and carry out spatial analyses on custom projects.

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