Assessor Department - Business Personal Property

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Confidential Personal Property Returns are mailed to all business owners within Crook County the beginning of January. These forms are to be completed and mailed back to us by March 15th. If you do not receive a return, it is your responsibility to request or download a form, and to ensure it is filed timely.


The 2015 legislature enacted changes to the due date for business personal property returns. The due date has been changed to March 15th with no extensions, any return filed after March 15th will be assessed a late filing penalty. If your return is filed after March 15 but on or before June 1, a penalty of 5 percent of the tax will be charged. If the return is filed after June 1 but on or before August 1, the penalty increases to 25 percent of the tax. After August 1, the penalty increases to 50 percent of the tax.

For more information on Personal Property or to download a form, see the Oregon Department of Revenue Website

Oregon Department of Revenue (Personal Property Information)
Download a Personal Property Form

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