Assessor Department - Property Value Appeals

If at any point in the year you have questions regarding the value of your property the Assessor’s staff is available to discuss and or review the values with you. If you desire an appraiser will discuss your values and review your appraisal with you over the phone or in person; an appraiser can also do an inspection of your property to make sure our records are correct and to answer any questions you may have.

If, after your discussion with the Assessor’s staff and after tax statements for the current year have been mailed you still believe your value to be high we encourage you to file an appeal with The Board of Property Tax Appeals.

  • The deadline to file a petition in person with the County Clerk’s Office is December 31st. If you mail your petition it must be postmarked by December 31st.
  • Petition forms to file an appeal are available at the County Clerk’s Office

If you miss the above deadline or you disagree with a prior year value you may file an appeal with the Magistrate Division of The Oregon Tax Court, appeal forms may be obtained by calling the Oregon Tax Court, Magistrate Division (503-986-5650) or at their web page.

Certain standards must be met to have appeals to the Magistrate Division be heard.
Oregon Tax Court - Magistrate Division
Board of Property Tax Appeal Forms

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