Elected Positions - Special Districts Questions and Answers

What types of special districts serve Crook County residents? Cemetery, Community College, Education Service, K-12 Schools, Park and Recreation, Road, Rural Fire, Sanitary, Soil & Water, Water Control, Water Supply, and Vector Control districts.

Who is in charge of Special Districts? Special districts are directed by a governing body of three to eleven board members, elected by voters living within the district or in some instances appointed by County Court. They generally meet monthly for district business and serve without pay. Terms of office are four years, and are staggered so board members are not all replaced at the same time.

What do the elected special district board members do? They formulate and interpret policy, establish and approve budgets, set goals and evaluate progress toward those goals, review the district’s performance and expenditures and develop plans for the future, request approval of bond and local option levy measures for facilities and operations, and interview and hire a manager, president, or chief for the district, if applicable.

Where does funding for special districts come from? These districts are financed through property taxes, or fees for services, or some combination of both.

How do I know what special districts I am in? You are a part of and will be able to vote for the board members of any special district that serves the area where you live. Property tax statements list the districts that serve you. Contact the Crook County Assessor or County Clerk’s office if you have questions about the special districts that serve you.

Am I qualified to run for office in my special districts? Generally the only qualifications to run for office are that you have lived in the district for a year at the time of the election and are a registered voter in the district. Some special districts have additional requirements, so it is important to check with the district office or the Crook County Elections office before filing as a candidate.

How would I file for a special district office? Check to see when the next election for board members will appear on the ballot. Make sure you meet all the requirements to file, determine which board Position or Zone you wish to file for. Fill out the filing forms online (click here) and pay the filing fee (Usually $10.00) by the deadline to file

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