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Marriage license applications can be purchased from the Crook County Clerk's Office. You can complete the Marriage License application form online before coming to the office.   If you apply online, you will still need to visit the Clerk's Office to complete the license process and payment.  Both applicants must be present to sign the license at the time we issue it. Completing the application online could save you approximately 20-30 minutes in the Clerk's Office.

Please visit the Clerk's Office at least three days before your marriage ceremony and no sooner than 60 days.

Marriage License applications are processed on weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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A marriage license issued by our office may be used anywhere within the State of Oregon.

Marriage License Application Rules and Regulations
You must present your driver’s license, passport or other government issued ID to obtain a Marriage License.   No blood tests or physicals are required.
Plan on arriving no later than 4:00 p.m. to apply for your marriage license to allow sufficient time for the application process prior to closing. We do NOT issue Marriage Licenses through the mail. You may apply in person or through the online application process above, either way both parties will need to come into the Clerk's Office to complete the process together. There are NO exceptions.
Marriage License fee is $60 and payment must be received at the Clerk's Office during the application completion process. 
You must be 18 years of age or older to obtain a license without the consent of a parent or guardian. Persons 17 years of age may obtain a marriage license by either presenting a notarized consent form or by bringing their parent with them when they apply.   No one under 17 years of age is allowed to be married in Oregon - there are no exceptions.
Beginning January 1st, 2008, House Bill 3120 required both the Groom and Bride or both Party A and Party B to establish the legal name each will take after their marriage ceremony on the Marriage License, Application, and Record of Marriage form.

Beginning June 6th, 2013, Senate Bill 406 provides options to establish the legal name each will take after their marriage ceremony on the Marriage License, Application, and Record of Marriage form.

Options for Surnames and Middle names:
  • SURNAME:  A party may retain that party's surname prior to the marriage or change to the surname of the other party or change the party's surname to a combination of one or more of the surnames, or names within the surnames, of either or both parties, with or without a hyphen.
  • MIDDLE NAME:  A party may retain that party's middle name or remove that party's middle name or change that party's middle name to the party's surname prior to the marriage or add to the party's middle name, the party's surname prior to the marriage. 

There is a three-day waiting period before the license becomes valid and the couple can get married. The waiting period can be waived for medical, military, or out-of-state residency reasons. The determination for the acceptance or rejection of waiver requests are made by the County Clerk.

Once the license becomes effective you have 60 days to have the ceremony performed anywhere in Oregon.

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