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Role & Responsibilities of the Crook County Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is the hearings body for several types of land use decisions that cannot be made at the administrative level, most of which are quasi-judicial in nature. The Planning Commission also hears legislative requests to make recommendations for the Court’s consideration and final decision. Additionally, the Planning Commission serves as the community advisory team for long range planning projects and policy level discussions.

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission typically meets monthly, on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. The meetings are held at the Crook County Meeting Room, 320 NE Court Street, Prineville, Oregon. These meetings, and other special meetings of the Planning Commission, are open to the public. Attendance of the public is encouraged.

What to Expect From a Planning Commission Hearing or Work Session

As a member of the audience, you can expect to have access to the agenda and discussion materials 7 days in advance, accessible from our website or in person at our office. A typical agenda will include the opening of the meeting or hearing by the Chair; time for public comment for items not listed on the agenda; a presentation by staff, followed by a presentation from the parties or guest presenters; public comment for items on the agenda; deliberation or discussion by the Planning Commissioners; and a decision or agreement about next steps and action items. Most meetings last about two hours, but it depends on the complexity of the agenda items. The public is welcome to attend for some or all of the meeting. It’s important to note that public testimony is only allowed during specific portions of the agenda. Questions from the audience, comments or rebuttal about testimony, or speaking without being recognized are typically not allowed.

How to Testify at Land Use Hearings

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