Planning - Applications & Permits

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Appeals and RemandPDF6/5/2018197.92 KBDownload
Authorization FormPDF11/3/2015469.69 KBDownload
Boundary Line Adjustment ApplicationPDF1/17/2018207.20 KBDownload
Combining and Un-Combining Lots and ParcelsPDF1/9/2018510.11 KBDownload
Comp Plan Map Zone AmendmentsPDF11/20/2018511.25 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Administrative and Public HearingPDF3/16/2018814.17 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Communication TowersPDF11/20/2018807.38 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Commercial IndustrialPDF9/2/2014357.81 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Destination Resort - Modification AppPDF7/19/201839.14 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Dog Kennels & Dog PoundsPDF12/30/20144.25 MBDownload
Conditional Use - Energy FacilityPDF10/11/2018752.75 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Golf Course PDF12/31/20144.40 MBDownload
Conditional Use - Home Occupation (Administrative)PDF11/14/2017675.20 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Hunting PreservePDF4/5/20164.32 MBDownload
Conditional Use - Juniper Acres RV UsePDF4/5/20163.96 MBDownload
Conditional Use - Land Partition (Farm)PDF4/5/20166.40 MBDownload
Conditional Use - Mining and AggregatePDF4/5/2016804.08 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Non Farm DwellingPDF2/5/2018859.72 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Non Farm PartitioningPDF11/20/20181.56 MBDownload
Conditional Use - Private Property BurialsPDF4/5/2016132.02 KBDownload
Conditional Use - Riverside RanchPDF4/5/2016UnknownDownload
Conditional Use - Temporary HardshipPDF3/9/2018808.34 KBDownload
Conservation Plan ApplicationPDF10/13/2017130.63 KBDownload
Crook County Planning AgreementPDF4/5/20166.79 KBDownload
Crook County Road Standard Development SchedulePDF4/5/2016102.08 KBDownload
Demo / Removal Permit ApplicationPDF4/17/2017241.05 KBDownload
Destination Resort Application-Final Development PlanPDF2/1/2019208.93 KBDownload
Exempt - AgriculturePDF9/3/20143.92 MBDownload
Exempt - Equine ApplicationPDF11/7/2018734.86 KBDownload
Extension RequestPDF4/10/201889.11 KBDownload
Extension Request - Public Hearing for Subdivision & PUDPDF9/3/20141.18 MBDownload
Final Plat ReviewPDF1/9/201970.65 KBDownload
Flood Hazard Area DevelopmentPDF9/2/2014120.27 KBDownload
FORM A - Acknowledgement of Tax ConsequencesPDF9/2/2014146.13 KBDownload
FORM B - Statement of UnderstandingPDF9/2/2014108.11 KBDownload
How to Testify at Land Use HearingsPDF9/2/2014100.30 KBDownload
Land Partition - FarmPDF11/20/20181.05 MBDownload
Land Partition - ForestPDF11/20/2018692.48 KBDownload
Land Partition - Residential and CommercialPDF6/7/2018537.88 KBDownload
Land Partition (M49) and Site Plan ReviewPDF9/2/20145.18 MBDownload
Legal Lot or Parcel DeterminationPDF1/31/2019229.53 KBDownload
Lot of Record & Site Plan ReviewPDF1/9/2019764.67 KBDownload
Mass Gathering Permit ApplicationPDF1/11/2017323.42 KBDownload
Modification Request - CU - Modification of Conditions with or without Public HearingPDF7/25/20181.19 MBDownload
Modification Request - Destination Resort - Conditional Use - Site VisitPDF9/2/20141.15 MBDownload
Modification Request - Grandfather & Site Plan ReviewPDF9/2/2014394.00 KBDownload
Modification Request - Site Plan Review - Commercial & Industrial PDF9/2/20142.86 MBDownload
Modification Request - Modifications of Conditions for Commercial Power Energy FacilityPDF9/23/2014UnknownDownload
Modification Request - Subdivision & PUD - Modification of Conditions with Public HearingPDF7/26/2018608.48 KBDownload
Non-Conforming UsePDF9/2/2014951.19 KBDownload
One Mile Study, Soils Survey, Wildlife Density Analysis RequestPDF4/13/201831.83 KBDownload
Planning Director DeterminationPDF12/1/20141.29 MBDownload
Release of Claims and Waiver of Remonstrance's Against Air TrafficPDF9/2/201467.93 KBDownload
Release of Claims and Waiver of Remonstrance's Against Farm UsesPDF12/21/2016110.08 KBDownload
Release of Claims and Waiver of Remonstrance's Against Forest PracticesPDF12/21/201646.70 KBDownload
Research RequestPDF9/2/2014299.13 KBDownload
Road Approach Permit All RoadsPDF3/28/20191.11 MBDownload
Road Naming PetitionPDF1/9/2018176.36 KBDownload
Road Vacation PetitionPDF9/2/2014227.79 KBDownload
Road Sign outside ROW AppPDF7/10/2018115.67 KBDownload
Sign RequestPDF4/27/2018119.52 KBDownload
Site Plan Graph PaperPDF9/2/2014211.44 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Administrative Review (Other)PDF9/23/20143.26 MBDownload
Site Plan Review - Accessory Farm DwellingPDF10/13/2017651.64 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Communication TowersPDF9/2/20143.31 MBDownload
Site Plan Review - Destination Resort Residential & Accessory BuildingsPDF12/18/2018505.03 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Forest Dwelling and Accessory Bldgs.PDF9/2/2014515.51 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Farm StandsPDF4/27/2018218.18 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Primary Farm DwellingPDF10/13/2017566.14 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Energy FacilityPDF10/11/2018692.45 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Replacement Dwelling & Accessory Structure (EFU1, EFU2, EFU3, EFU-JA & F1 Zones)PDF10/13/2017547.66 KBDownload
Site Plan Review - Residential and Accessory Bldgs. (New & Replacement)PDF11/20/2018581.57 KBDownload
Social Gathering Permit ApplicationPDF4/20/2017327.58 KBDownload
Subdivisions and Planned Unit DevelopmentsPDF2/26/2019608.13 KBDownload
Submitting DisclaimerPDF9/2/20144.82 KBDownload
Supplemental ApplicationsPDF9/2/201475.22 KBDownload
Variance RequestPDF7/13/20152.66 MBDownload
Verification of Removal Temporary ResidencePDF9/2/2014114.49 KBDownload
Vested Right ApplicationPDF12/21/2018152.18 KBDownload
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